At E Pro, we invest in research & development to offer the latest to market. We have developed the range of high quality, matching products across IPC, AHD, TVI and NVR and DVR recorders. Our solutions are perfect for almost every security requirement.


Keeping a consistent look and feel across the board,? from the web ? browser to the NVR. The goal to give a quick simple user friendly learning curve. As well as being uncomplicated?buy yet still powerful.


E Pro make use of the latest in sensors, SoC, and all parts inside to give the best long term ownership. The smallest of details such as anodized screws to give the longest life span of product running day in day out 24×7.

Breath taking good looks and style, will please your eye and thus your customers. We pick and design only the best looking objayda. Design goes beyond the skin, inside quality and craftmanship speaks volumes.
There is little reason to own a security camera if you can’t save the images. our prime matched recording devices range from NVR and both AHD and TVI solutions. scaleing up from 4 to 32channel units. There is sure to be a model which fits your needs. And we take more effort to be sure of compliances and fully functional features right in your hands with simple and clear menu control.
Like all great devices, there needs to be some help at hand. We like to think everyone is treated equally, and understand things can happen. We understand problems before, we can help when help is needed. And offer backup and service like a member of your own family would give. We aid in marketing materials and all media content to give you best re-sale advantages against your competition. The days of factory box shifting are long since gone.

Why Choose Us

  • Protection against copycat products, we give exclusive agreements.
  • Keeping you posted for price adjustment as market erosion takes place.
  • High level of support, and product marketing materials 2nd to none.
  • Offering a almost perfect range to suite all security levels, from small to enterprise
  • Compliance and compatibility with other systems, and devices for total piece of mind.